About Us

Gugujinda LTD is a leading Cypriot web, mobile solutions, and white label sports betting and casino software provider.

Our team consists of Cyprus’ best programmers, computer graphics specialists, internet catalog experts, user assistance ninjas, and advertising masterminds

Our company’s main values are trust, openness, and transparency.

We trust each other and see each other as equals, regardless of what positions we hold.

We work in an environment of openness where nothing isleft unsaid and no voice is left unheard.

We are transparent to each other and our clients.


Our team comes from various ethnic, cultural, national, and religious backgrounds. By having voices representative of a wide variety of different perspectives, we can deliver products that are better and of higher quality than those of other companies.

Atmosphere of Openness

We believe that every voice should be heard. During company meetings, every single one of our employees - from the most newly-hired intern to the company CEO - gets equal opportunities to share their views, concerns, and opinions with the rest of the company.


Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We give our clients full information about every step we take when handling their project and never make an important decision without consulting them first.